Positive Pets

Pets can have a wonderful impact on a young person’s life. And it doesn’t need to be canine or feline, writes Amy!
“My pet is a goldfish. It is called Bubbles. My pet helps me by calming me down when I am angry because it swims around the tank really slowly. It is just so calm and gentle. Another way it helps me is how soothing it can be because they don’t really do much. My goldfish is also really round which makes me laugh when I’m sad!”
Does your pet have a positive impact on your life? If so send a picture and a short article topeatapettherapy@gmail.com and you may be featured here soon!

Experiences of a Visiting Team

I started visiting St James Hospital Residential Units in January 1999 with my tri coloured collie Joy. This Unit is for long-term patients. Joy was a lovely gentle dog and the residents loved her visits. One Lady who never spoke to anyone started to talk to her. In 2003 there was great excitement with Joy getting a Caring Pet award. In 2005 Peata got permission to travel on the Luas and she went on her first trip in July of that year.
When Joy got older I took Jack a Ruby Cavalier on alternative weeks and he enjoyed any treats he got from the Residents or their visitors. My current dog visiting is Connie, a Black and Tan Cavalier, who has been visiting since 2010.
Freckles a springer spaniel passed the assessment recently and will share the visits with Connie in the summer. Connie loves attention. She is very affectionate and one Resident said “Connie made her day”. Its great to see people enjoying the dog’s company and some doctors even say “A dog is a good prescription” – as blood pressure and heart problems and other ailments are said to improve in the company of a dog. The Nurses over the years have been very helpful and I think everyone has enjoyed the visits, especially the dogs with all their treats!

Helen James

If you and your dog visit with Peata and would like to share your experience please email peatapettherapy@gmail.com. We’d be delighted to hear from you!