Featured Team: Ozzy and Claire

We recently heard from Oswald about his experiences as a visiting team with his mum Claire! Clearly Ozzy enjoys this experience very much, and we know his friends in the nursing home appreciate him. A little bird also told us that congratulations are in order, as Ozzy’s mum and dad are getting married! We would be delighted to hear from the other canine visitors out there (and their human “owners”). Email peatapettherapy@gmail.com with your article and picture.

My name is Oswald I am a two year old Bernese Mountain Dog. I look forward to visiting my local

nursing home each week. From the second my owner takes out my yellow PEATA jacket I am thrilled

to go on the outing and can hardly wait to encounter my friends. I adore the people in the nursing

home. They are so gentle and I am always happy to see them my tail wags twice as much as usual.

They are always interested in my breed history and how I got my name. Every week I get to know

them better we learn lots about each other. I feel privileged to be their visitor. I have a big heart to

share with them and I do my best to support them and make them smile.


Ozzy, Oz, Ozil, The Bear, Teddy Bear, Berner Bear and Mr Bump


Personality, dazzling good looks and I’m a big friendly giant


Doggie Biscuits and My Family

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Oswalds 1st birthday

PEATA carol service