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Adrienne, Twiggy & Roopert’s new way of visiting

Adrienne O’Keeffe and her dogs, Twiggy and Roopert have been a visiting team since 2012.  With the permission of the manager at the unit that they visit, they have adapted their Peata visits to meet the Covid-19 restrictions.  Here, Adrienne describes their experience:

“We are living in a very challenging and surreal time.  We have been missing the people that we visit on a weekly basis.  Over the years, the people that we visit become our friends and we in turn have become an important part of their lives.

“Before the onset of the Covid-19 restrictions, we visited several places every week.  Since then, most of the units that we visited have not been able to accommodate any Peata visits.  However, our friends at the unit we visit in Dundrum agreed that we could continue if the visits could be carried out without contravening the guidelines.

“During our visits to this particular unit, we stay in the front garden and chat to our friends through the closed windows.  I lift Twiggy up onto the windowsill so that our friends can interact with her.  They touch Twiggy on the glass on their side of the window.  It is obvious that we have been missed as our friends tell Twiggy and Roopert, “we miss you”.   We chat for a while and I give Twiggy and Roopert treats on behalf of their friends who understood that Roopert is too big for me to lift on to the windowsill.  We blow kisses and place our hands on each side of the glass.  It is both lovely and very emotional at the same time.

“We have been lucky that we are able to visit this special home abiding strictly to the guidelines.

hands at windows Dog at the window cill

“Adrienne, Twiggy and Roopert”