Christmas Cards

11 December 2014
Peata are very excited that this year we have two sets of Christmas Cards for you to choose from! The traditional and the modern! We hope that you will find cards you like among our selection. Traditional Cards - 5 of the image below:......

Featured Team: Ozzy and Claire

06 October 2014
We recently heard from Oswald about his experiences as a visiting team with his mum Claire! Clearly Ozzy enjoys this experience very much, and we know his friends in the nursing home appreciate him. A little bird also told us that congratulations are in......

Peata Newsletter and Newbridge House visit

19 September 2014
Hi all! We hope you enjoy the first Peata newsletter! We are still waiting for articles on recent events. If you attended the walk or zoo visit we would be delighted to hear from you. Email with your passages and photos. Peata Newbridge......

Daisy found!!

18 August 2014
Daisy is home! Many thanks to all who assisted in her safe return. Daisy, the beloved dog of a friend of Peata, was taken from her home on Sunday. She has no collar on. Please spread the word and keep a watch for her.......

Caring Companions

14 August 2014
Peata were honoured and proud to feature in a recent article in the Irish Independent newspaper on roles animals play in the lives of humans. Bernadette Brady described the impact the Peata visiting team has on her visits with her mother. She is pictured......

Peata’s Wild Friends!

24 July 2014
Peata supports the rightful place of all animals in our communities including those who share our wilder world. Brendan Walsh is a keeper we meet on our Peata visits to Dublin Zoo - he works with the Elephants at the moment and is studying......

Peata Walk 2014

07 July 2014
The Peata walk on 6th July was a great success! An article is to follow, but in the meantime you can admire the walkers in the Gallery below!...

Positive Pets

21 May 2014
Pets can have a wonderful impact on a young person's life. And it doesn't need to be canine or feline, writes Amy! "My pet is a goldfish. It is called Bubbles. My pet helps me by calming me down when I am angry because......