Visiting Scheme

Visiting Scheme

Peata's principal activity is the Pet Visiting Scheme in which approved volunteers and their dogs pay regular visits to caring institutions including nursing homes, hospices and special shcools. Typically visits are weekly and last about an hour.

All Visiting Teams registered as members of Peata have been assessed and approved for suitability. The owner/handler should have a caring attitude and must demonstrate full control of the dog in all situations and show that they can carry out visits in a manner that is non-disruptive to the functioning of the instution. The dog must undergo behavioural assessment to ensure its friendly nature and that it is at ease in hospital-like environments.

Visiting Teams are fully insured by Peata in the course of their visiting work. All teams are Garda cleared.

Commitment is an essential requirement of all Peata visitors as patients build a relationship with the dog and look forward to the visits.

Our Zoo Team with the humans in the Zoo they visit :-)

Our Zoo Team with the humans in the Zoo they visit 🙂