Peata Pet Therapy

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Fundraising is a great way to bring your community together and help to support our volunteer visiting teams. We are be extremely grateful for any fundraising on our behalf and would be happy to bring our Peata Pet Therapy dogs to your event!

Here are some ideas of how you can get involved, and start making a difference for Peata Pet Therapy today.   

  • Bake Sales

    Tasty food is a reliable way to get people's attention and encourage them to give to your cause!

  • Pledge Challenges

    This fundraising idea involves you asking for pledges in exchange for a completing a specific challenge.

  • Dog Walking

    If you’re looking for a free way to raise money for Peata Pet Therapy, you could offer dog walking services to the pet owners in your neighborhood.

  • Social Media Challenge

    Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? That viral social media challenge was incredibly successful at raising support and awareness for ALS research

If you would like to help fundraising for Peata Pet Therapy, please get in touch