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Member Stories

Stories from some of our Visiting Teams

Peata Member stories Ana Alfie

Ana & Alfie

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peata Member stories adrienne trigger

Adrienne, Roopert & Twiggy

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Peata Member stories Adele Krunchie

Adele & Krunchie

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Peata Member stories Mollie Michelle

Michelle & Mollie

Mollie is a labradoodle, she loves walks, playing with other dogs, snacking on carrots and food she finds on kitchen counters! Michelle & Mollie visit Fern Dean Nuring home in Stradbrook where Mollie is very popular with the residents.

Peata Member Stories Gino Deirdre Magic

Deirdre, Gino & Magic

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Peata Member Stories Pepper

Janet with Buster & Pepper

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