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Resuming Visits Post COVID-19


In March 2020 , with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic , the Board of Peata advised all Visiting Teams to cease their activities.
Since then a very successful mass vaccination programme starting in late December means that all nursing home residents and vulnerable people are fully vaccinated, as are the staff caring for them. The adult population is now almost fully vaccinated (more than 75% ). Given this, the Board of Peata believes it is now timely to resume Peata visiting activities.

In considering this, the Assessment Lead consulted with the Volunteer Coordinator in one large hospital and residential centre group. These guidelines are informed by the advice received. They are intended for both Peata Visiting Teams and their respective Care Settings (hospitals, nursing homes, other residential settings and day facilities). 

Why resume visiting now?

First and foremost to enhance the quality of life as has always been the intention of providing the Peata visiting service.

This is especially important given the well recognised negative impacts on mental health and documented faster deterioration in those with dementia. 

The game changer which enables us now to resume visits is the very successful vaccination programme in Ireland.

What do I need to do before visiting?


You MUST be fully vaccinated and have your vaccination passport

Step 1

Contact Care Facility

Then you can contact the care setting you previously visited to enquire about the possibility of starting the visits again

Step 2

If Care Facility wishes to resume:

Please discuss with them how they would like to do this

Forward them these guidelines to assist them in planning how to resume your visits

If the care setting is happy to proceed, make sure you and the care setting are clear about how the visits should be conducted

Step 3

Membership up to date

Finally please make sure that both you and the care setting have paid their annual  membership fee. This provides insurance cover for you and your dog and likewise for the care setting.

It is crucial it is paid in advance of resuming visits.

Step 4

Guidelines for the visit

  • You are fully vaccinated and have your vaccination passport to show to the care setting when you visit

  • The care setting may ask you to take some additional training in infection control as provided for in the home

  • Your visit should be confined to one unit/home/centre in care settings with multiple units

  • It should be conducted, where possible, in a large room with residents spaced out

  • You must wear your mask during the visit. Your hands should be sanitised before and after interacting with each individual resident/person

  • Any resident who has not been vaccinated (which is usually because of a medical reason) should not be visited by you and your dog

A final word

So if you are fully vaccinated and keen to visit again, please ensure that you follow the advice above.

We at Peata Pet Therapy would like to hear how you’ve got on.
We would also like to hear your suggestions and any from your care setting.

Please email us at



Peata Pet Therapy would like to thank Ms Helen Hennessy, Volunteer Coordinator Highfield Healthcare Group, for the advice she so generously provided for these guidelines.

Version: No 001, 2021. Approved by the Board of Peata Therapy Dog. Date: 12/10/2021